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Happy New Year from the Garden

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Happy New Year to you all! The garden is wonderful at this time of the year — full of lush green leaves and bright flowers. We are still enjoying fresh salad greens. Amazingly, some of our lettuces and arugula still haven’t bolted yet. We are also feasting on plenty of summer squash (“black beauty” zucchini and tromboncino) and green beans. The potatoes are flowering, and tomatoes, peppers and grape are setting fruit. It feels like a happy New Year, for sure!

Owen loves to be outside in the garden, and already knows what to do with a spade. He’s so busy and keen to help and explore. I’m finding that I have to send him and Kevin off on little adventures if I’m to get much work done.

Some volunteer swan plants have come up in our garden. As luck would have it, one is right outside the kitchen window. Several monarch butterflies have been visiting, and we are seeing the first little caterpillars hatching out. When Owen is a bit older, it will be fun to make a proper butterfly garden together.