Goat Walk

We have started to take Daphne and Lulu for walks along the road we live on. It’s an unsealed road, a dead end, and mostly very quiet. Still, the risk of a car coming along means that we are very careful to keep a tight hold on their leashes. The goats are rather jumpy around traffic.

Becky walks the goatlings, Lulu and Daphne

Twice now, we have walked about a kilometer up the road, with the goats trotting along beside us. They like to stop once in a while to nibble at a juicy patch of weeds or scrub on the roadside. Since we do not have a dog, we really appreciate having animals to take for a walk. Our two little goats are great companions.

On our last trip to town, we bought grown-up collars for the goats — Daphne’s is red and Lulu’s is blue. The collars are too big at the moment, and look rather ridiculous. We hope they will grow into them in due course.

Daphne seems determined to go ahead of Lulu when we are out for a walk. Maybe it’s an alpha-goat thing?! Lulu’s main concern is getting between Daphne and whoever is walking her, so if we don’t watch out, we all end up in a tangle.

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