New Addition to Our Farmlet Family: Baby Girl

Update: Niamh

Her name is Niamh Katherine Flaherty. Niamh is an Irish name and, depending on who you ask, it’s pronounced Neev or Ne-uv. We say Neev.

Niamh was our first choice all along, but we didn’t like the anglicised spellings of it, and we were wondering how difficult it would be for her to have a name like Niamh outside of Ireland.

We will be homeschooling her so she will be spared teachers calling out, “Ny-am” at roll call, etc.

If she winds up thinking Niamh is too weird of a name, I can console her by telling her that I thought Saoirse (sear-sha) and Arwen were pretty cool too. 😉

Our daughter was born yesterday afternoon at home. I helped to deliver her because Becky’s labour was very fast! Our midwife was only about a half hour away, but by the time she got here, our baby had been born.

Niamh Katherine Flaherty

Niamh Katherine Flaherty

Mum and baby are doing great. *phew*

We would like to tell you her name, but we haven’t decided on one yet.

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