Shark Knives – Hand Made in New Zealand

Our friend, Peter Griffiths, makes a range of knives at his workshop and gallery out in Takahue:

I have the Big Chef and it’s awesome. Don’t miss the Parang.

Pete doesn’t use the computer much, but if you email or call, his wife, Sabrina, would be able to help you.

If you’re in the Far North of New Zealand, you can also drop in and check out the Long Flat Bottom Workshop and Gallery, where Pete makes the knives.

Wood Craft, Permaculture Gardens, Knife Sharpening, WWOOF Hosts.

274 Takahue Road
09-408-3685 (Please call during daytime NZ hours)

One Response to “Shark Knives – Hand Made in New Zealand”

  1. PeterNZ says:

    Absolutely agree. I have the bread knife and I know that this was the last bread knife I bought. Ever! Absolutely amazing quality. You can even split lobsters with it and it is great for pizzas, too.