Pure Saanen Buck Kid Free to Good Home

Update: We Have Found a Home for Him

We found a home for him AND he gets to keep his balls!

We’re taking backup offers in case the initial one falls through.

—End Update—

On 22 November 2011, Daphne had a strong, healthy buck kid. He’s pure Saanen and very friendly with people. He comes over to us and expects petting and adoration like a cat. Becky has been milking Daphne every day, and she goes with our son, Owen, who, I’m afraid, has become quite fond of this goat.

Saanen buck kid, about 12 hours old

Saanen buck kid, about 12 hours old

If you’re looking for a Saanen breeding buck, contact Becky to make arrangements.

Note: You have to pickup the goat yourself. We’re in RD Kaitaia.

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