Reed is almost a month and a half old, and I still haven’t written anything about his birth or these special early weeks!

The birth was pretty fast and intense and it all felt really good — although I think I sounded like a cow stuck in a fence. . . or maybe like a creature off Jurassic Park. At around 7.30am on the 7th of July I woke up wondering if perhaps our little one might be born on this day. Well, Reed was born at 9:33 that morning at Kaitaia Hospital and was enjoying his first feed just a few minutes later. I’m just glad we managed to hold on until Kevin and the second midwife got there! The second stage (“pushing” stage) started at 9:10am. When Owen was born I had bad tearing and tissue trauma and lost nearly 2 litres of blood. It was a nice change to have an almost bloodless birth this time — not even a single scratch, and swelling was pretty much nil. Reed’s shoulders did get stuck on the way out (like Owen’s did), but our wonderful midwives flipped me over and released them so quickly and calmly that I hardly had time to register that he was “stuck” before he was fully born and lying on my chest. We went home a few hours after Reed was born.

Baby Reed soaks in the low winter sun

Owen cuddles his baby brother

Reed is sleeping and feeding very well. He loves to bask in the warm winter sun by the living room window. He loves the sound of Kevin’s voice. He sleeps soundly during the night in the big bed with his parents and brother, and he loves to be held (or worn) in his baby sling.
Owen is a very loving big brother. He enjoys looking after Reed, and holding and cuddling him. It is so wonderful to have two little boys!

I think we are very lucky.

4 Responses to “Reed”

  1. Eileen says:

    The picture of Owen and Reed brought tears to my eyes. The love that shines out of Owen’s eyes is so beautiful. What lovely children.
    I am so glad that Reed’s birth was easier on you. Wow.

  2. rhiannon says:

    they are both beautiful boys! so glad the birth was “easy,” as these things go…

  3. Matthew McD says:

    Glad to hear everything went well! I’m sure Owen will enjoy his new little brother.

    I know you guys live a very natural existence (as much as is possible in 2010!) so I will give you my humble opinion: you don’t have to worry about “overpopulation” even if you wanted to have more children. Your kids will live a lifestyle that is much more sustainable, and won’t stress the earth’s resources.

    I think that those who live a hybrid 2010/1890 lifestyle (myself included!) will start to appreciate why frontiersmen used to A) have large families and B) be grateful for every son born to them.

    Of course, below age 4 kids can be a lot of work — but I’m told it gets better 😉

  4. Ed says:

    You are blessed.