Onions and Garlic

A couple of days ago, I braided up some of our garlic to give as a gift to a relative. Last year’s garlic crop didn’t produce very big heads, but the cloves are large, chunky and pungent, making it very satisfying to use. I love having extra garlic to give away as gifts!

Garlic braid

With the winter solstice approaching and the moon waning, I sorted out a collection of the biggest, plumpest cloves to plant for next year’s crop. I think we have chosen a better spot than last year, and have spent more time preparing it. Lets hope that these changes will result in a better garlic crop.

Yesterday I planted out the onion sets and garlic, with a wish that good things will sprout and grow with the passing of the solstice and the coming of a new moon.

One Response to “Onions and Garlic”

  1. Bridget says:

    Good luck with your crop. Last season ours was OK but I think we could have left them in the ground a lot longer (maybe another month?) as some continued to sprout even once hanging to dry! Will be putting ours in any day now, once the garden bed is ready.