Onions and Garlic

We harvested our garlic crop a couple of months ago now. The garlic we grow is a local heirloom variety, known as “Takahue garlic.” It has a wonderfully strong flavour and tends to have a bit of pinkish streaking in it. Kevin chose a dry and well-ventilated spot under the eaves of our house and hung the garlic up there in bunches. We have had some trouble storing our garlic in the past, so I’m happy to say that it seems to be keeping well in this spot under the eaves. We had a big crop of garlic this year, thanks to some kind friends who gave us some of their seed garlic. On the negative side, this year’s garlic is a lot smaller than the heads we’ve grown in previous years. We planted it in poor soil and it got very water-logged over the winter months. We’ll have to find a better spot next time around.

Harvested garlic hanging under the eaves

We’ve also been enjoying some pungent onions from the garden — Stuttgart Long Keeper from King’s Seeds and Pukekohe Long Keepers from Koanga Gardens. For some reason, lots of the bulbs have divided this year. This didn’t happen last season, even though I used exactly the same seed. I imagine it must have something to do with the conditions. Does anyone know why this might have happened?

In the spring, I replanted some of the best onions from last year’s crop and let them run to seed. I have finally harvested the seed heads. From 10 onions, I got 5 good seed heads, which I’m planning to use for the next season’s onion crop. I’ve never tried saving our own onion seed before, so this will be an interesting experiment.

2 Responses to “Onions and Garlic”

  1. Sarah says:

    What time of year do you plant your onions and garlic? I’ve read lots of conflicting suggestions and am a bit confused.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We’ve sometimes planted them on the Winter Solstice (I’ve heard that the first waning moon after the Winter Solstice is a good time to plant them.), but have also tried putting them in a month or so earlier than that. A lot of gardeners around here seem to plant them in May. They did fine for us both ways, so maybe there’s a fair bit of leeway with the planting time.
    Good luck with your gardening.