A Big Welcome to Miss Scarlett Beef-Shanks!

This morning, Owen and I went for a walk out to the cow paddock. I wanted to check on Coco. Last night she could hardly waddle up the hill on account of her huge belly and swollen udder. Surely her calf would be born soon.

Scarlett Beef-Shanks, about twelve hours old

When we reached the fence, what a sight met our eyes: A wobbly-legged rust-coloured heifer calf was just finishing her first feed and testing out her feet at Coco’s side. Owen smiled and pointed and said “mmooo.” Coco was mooing in a very maternal way and licking the new calf. Miss Scarlett Beef-Shanks is a healthy, good-sized calf, and she and her mother are both doing very well. This is such a joy to us after all the difficulties of last year when Coco’s calf was born dead.


Rosie, Coco and Scarlett Beef-Shanks

Henrietta Hamburger (Coco’s foster calf from last season, due to be put in the freezer next week!) has been making a nuisance of herself with the new calf. She keeps getting between Coco and the calf when the little one is trying to feed. She has also been trying to lick and bunt the calf. Luckily Miss Scarlett Beef-Shanks is strong and determined, and is managing to feed ok despite the interference. Coco doesn’t seem to mind. She has been seen licking Henrietta as the little one feeds!

5 Responses to “A Big Welcome to Miss Scarlett Beef-Shanks!”

  1. Johanna Knox says:

    I do love your animals’ names!

  2. gaile says:

    oh, what a good mom Coco is, and how lovely for her to have a calf after the sadness of last year. And wow how pretty is Rosie!? They all look so very happy in that last photo. Congratulations!

  3. ingrid says:

    Oh, how wonderful! I was so sad for Coco last year. This must have been such an incredible thing to wake up to. Congrats to the mum and to her excellent farmer friends!

  4. Sonya says:

    Hi Bec, Kev, and Owen

    What a beautiful, stunning calf you have! Congratulations. An early Xmas present for you all! So will Henrietta Hamburger except she will be on your plate! Have a lovely Xmas with your family. I am heading over to Wellington this year for Xmas with my sister.

    Talk to you in the New Year

    Sonya, Ian, EJ the superdog, and Lionel the feisty cat

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi Sonya,

    Happy Christmas to you guys, too!