Rangiora Eco Village

I read about the new Rangiora Eco Village development in a local newspaper yesterday. I wanted to mention it because I know that some of you are in New Zealand, or are planning to be here soon. This isn’t too far from where I’m sitting at the moment, and I’d like to see more like-minded people in the neighborhood.

* hint *

Yep, you would need to bring a decent chunk of change, but it looks like you would be getting the total package, with community being the most important benefit.

6 Responses to “Rangiora Eco Village”

  1. -sigh- Sounds great…but not perfect. While Northland is ravishing, it’s very “country.” And it can be difficult to find work. I did have two friends who overcame the second problem, both working as high-end software developers, who moved to Northland, went squirrely due to the nature of country/seaside living, and fled to Florence, Italy. Being smart people, they still own their house there, so perhaps they’ll be back.

    There is another eco-village in the Waitakeres outside of Auckland. See the entry link for details. And I’ve heard rumors that one is planned for the Wellington area, as a whole new neighborhood on some undeveloped forested land in Lower Hutt.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Emily,
    Interesting to know about those other eco-villages.
    Life in Northland certainly isn’t for everyone — but those of us who love living here are very glad about that. More space for us!
    Making a living can be difficult around here, for sure. Kevin and I feel very glad that things are working out for us in that regard, as it was one of our main concerns before we moved here.

  3. mike.e says:

    Im not sure who can afford this. Must be prime real estate?
    Go into debt to live somewhere where you dont earn a wage??

    Im interested in eco villages,there is one or two online in NZ.

    Considering many people will be moving into bad financial states with dropping house/land prices…We need to find some urban solutions eg cuba/curitiba


  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi Mike,

    Go into debt to live somewhere where you don’t earn a wage?? Doesn’t sound good to me, either. We wouldn’t do it! It will be interesting to see how this project fares in the light of the falling real estate market.

    I imagine that a location like this would probably have the most appeal to people who can work from home — telecommuting and such. Hokianga real estate is very cheap relative to most other parts of New Zealand — especially in or near big cities. We actually know a few people who, like us, have moved to Northland from metropolitan centres in order to down-size/ eliminate/ avoid mortgage liabilities.

    As you point out, many people couldn’t do this. . . and many wouldn’t want to. It would be neat to see more urban solutions, as well.


  5. Charlotte says:

    Hi there,
    I was interested in the eco village Emily mentioned near Wellington in Lower Hutt? I am living in Wellington and am ideally looking for work designing and helping build/work on eco villages so this one would be ideal. If anyone has a contact or name etc please email me: charlottebowie@gmail.com. Thank you

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am in process of creating an ecovillage on east coast Northland. If you want to live in a beautifull area just above beach & grow something on frost free sheltered land or have any other income source ideas then contact me. This is an extremely affordable for those with skills & desire to develope this into a self-sustaining fun trip More info hugoryan@hotmail.com