Bean Teepees etc.

Work in the garden has been very slow over the past month, since we’ve been busy with our darling little baby. Also, the weather has been foul over the past week. The warm rain is a blessing for the pasture, and lots of the vegetables (especially the corn) are thriving on it. Still, it’s hardly conducive to slipping outside for a bit of weeding, and I can already see blight on the tomatoes!

Bean teepees

Kevin and I feel very glad that we completed almost all the spring planting before Owen was born. It was wonderful to have fresh peas in the pod, snow peas, lettuce, zucchini, kohlrabi and carrots waiting in the garden when we came home with our new baby. We have also been picking and eating the first of the Dalmatian beans — a variety of green bean that is covered in pretty purple streaks.

One of the last tasks we performed before Owen was born was constructing three bean teepees out of bamboo and planting the Borlotti beans around them. Now we are amazed to look out the window and see those beans reaching the top of the teepees already. Apart from the delicious beans that we are looking forward to, we think the teepees make an interesting feature in the garden.

3 Responses to “Bean Teepees etc.”

  1. kermujin says:

    Ooooh! I can’t decide if it’s lovely or horrible to see pictures of your spring garden while we descend ever deeper into cold and rainy winter. 😀

    Owen’s almost a month old! Happy day!


  2. Love the teepees — over the years I’ve found them to be, by far, the most practical way to support climbing beans. I generally stick to only three poles, though, because I find Rattlesnake Beans so prolific that more poles would be overcrowding things. Your garden is looking stunning in the pic 😉

  3. kim says:

    it’s nice to see green while we’re covered in snow! thank you from boston!