Sold: Fabulous Friesian Cow

Less than two days after we pinned up the ad for Esmerelda at the local store, the phone rang. Someone wanted to buy her! Of course, we thought she looked gorgeous in that photo on the flier. It was gratifying to know that someone else’s head had been turned by this glowing example of bovine beauty.

After a short phone conversation, the purchaser was keen enough to offer to buy Esmerelda right away, without even seeing her. She would fit in perfectly with the small herd of Friesian cows that they are grazing just down the road from here. Esmerelda’s new owners rushed over with the cash the very next morning, and had the chance to meet the latest addition to their herd. They looked very pleased with her.

Esmerelda in her new paddock

We felt happy to have found a good home for Ezzie so easily. She would be going to a small nearby farm, with kind owners who treat their animals well. Like us, they wouldn’t want any of their diary cows to end up at the meat works or in a big commercial dairy herd. Still, both Kevin and I were reeling a bit with the suddenness of it all. We had hardly had time to get used to the idea of selling Esmerelda, and it had happened already! I looked up the hill from the garden the afternoon after the sale, and saw Kevin spending some quality time with his beloved pet. We were really going to miss that big, bossy cow!

The next evening, Ezzie’s new owners came to move her and the calf along the road to join the rest of their herd. Herman Beefsteak was determined to go with them. It took quite some work to shoo him back up the hill to Rosie, who was bellowing at him in annoyance. Luckily Ezzie is a real bucket-brain, and willingly followed Kevin along the road, hoping for the treat he was carrying in the blue bucket. Her calf followed behind. It was a fine evening, and the move was uneventful.

Our destination was a paddock so lush and green that Esmerelda hardly knew where to put her eager muzzle — into the grass or into the treat bucket that she’d been salivating for all the way down the road. Of course, it was a bit sad for us to say goodbye to her, but we felt good to be leaving her on such a juicy pasture. As for Esmerelda, she was so transfixed by the green grass that she didn’t even turn to glance at us as we walked away.

5 Responses to “Sold: Fabulous Friesian Cow”

  1. gaile says:

    Oh, so glad you found a good loving home for your cow. She looks quite pleased indeed with her new grassy buffet. Perhaps you’ll be able to visit her now and then should you feel the need?

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Gaile,
    Actually, we can see Ezzie as we drive along the road towards my parents’ place. Once they move her to join the rest of the herd, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to spot her any more. . . but you can be sure we’ll be on the lookout! It’s nice to see her grazing happily as we drive past the paddock.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. antitext says:

    so glad to read that the sale went smoothly and happened so quickly.

  4. That’s amazing that you sold her so fast. Do you know how she’s doing today? She looks like a beauty, I wish I could see a more upclose and personal photo.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Hi Eddie,
    There are a few other photos of Esmerelda in the “cows” archive. I’m not sure if they are more “upclose and personal,” but they might be.
    We felt very lucky to find such a good home for her so quickly. We were actually talking to her new owner just a few days ago. Apparently Ezzie has just calved again — another heifer calf. And, yes, she’s still Queen of the Padock, eating a shocking quantity of grass and lording it over the other cows!